The artisans

Female empowerment

The kaftan collections are co-created with an all-female artisan collective in rural India. It is a beautiful sisterhood that is founded with a dream to provide economic self-sufficiency to the ladies in the community, so that they are able to empower and lift themselves and their families out of poverty. By reviving traditional crafts such as handloom weaving and embroidery, the ladies create timeless and high-quality garments in collaboration with Gaiara.


The crochet collections are handmade in The Netherlands by Rachella. Every piece is made-to-order and reflects the love and energy that is put into it during the many, many hours of the creative process.

The value chain

All along our value chain, there is a focus on adding value to the final product and to the lives of everyone involved (including Mother Earth). Running a conscious and intentional business requires acknowledging responsibility for adding economic, social, ecological and spiritual value to society. At Gaiara, we are forever students of ethical and responsible value chain management and we honor the magic in every part of the process of creation.

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