Our story

It all started with the desire to change the way we do business and rediscovering soul in fashion.

Gaiara’s story started when intuition and vision about the future of the system lovingly embraced each other. At the core of her existence are the values of sustainabilitycollaboration and honoring artisanal skills. Gaiara is not just about fashion, she is a reflection of the dedication to rediscover our connection to the essence of life. Her purpose is to shift the way we do business into a sustainable and empowering model, while at the same time letting you feel your true, authentic self with her handcrafted luxury.
Gaiara sustainable women's clothing

Our Choices

At Gaiara, we are deeply aware of the interconnectedness of everything that exists. We therefore make sure that all of our choices are a reflection of our values, respecting people and planet in everything that we do. From the plastic-free packaging and the fabrics we use for our pieces, to the way we connect with our partners and write a personal note to all of our customers. As Gaiara is a business with purpose and pure intention, we are also eager to learn. About sustainable practices. About social and cultural aspects. About regenerative economic systems. We redefine measures of success and are not afraid to slow down, emphasizing quality and connection rather than quantity and unnatural growth.

Thank you. For being you. And for supporting our mission.

Real humans

Every Gaiara piece is handmade by a beautiful human being, just like you are. For the co-creations, we collaborate with partners from rural communities that share Gaiara’s values and pay fair wages to the artisans. We truly believe in human empowerment, and ethical working conditions are a non-negotiable to us. We aim to contribute to reviving traditional crafts such as handloom weaving, crochet and embroidery, by using these methods to create timeless and high-quality garments. The pieces that are handmade in The Netherlands, are created by Gaiara’s founder, Rachella.

Handloom weaving
Luxury fashion for women

The value chain

All along our value chain, there is a focus on adding value to the final product and to the lives of everyone involved (including Mother Earth). Running a conscious and intentional business requires acknowledging responsibility for adding economic, social, ecological and spiritual value to society. At Gaiara, we are forever students of ethical and responsible value chain management and we honor the magic in every part of the process of creation.

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